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Stock 883L seat vs. LePera Barebones

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Would the barebones have an improvement in comfort over the stock Sporty Low seat?

Only my stock seat is perhaps the most uncomfortable seat imaginable, and I'm fixing to do a 2000 mile trip.

I'm short and I cannot get a seat which raises me up more than the stock seat.

I've tried a couple of harley seats already, (a pillow-look touring seat, and the stock seat off a roadster) and they change my riding position too much to be safe.

Is there any other seat you could recommend which would be extremely low and narrow to help plant a rider's feet on the ground, but would be comfortable for the long haul?

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seat diff's

Hi Eva,

Well I can tell you when I had my sportster Low the end of '04 into '05 you are right NOTHING could be worse than the stock seat. It was like they just took out stuffing/padding to get that low seat/ground clearance.
Then I put the LePera Barebones on it towards the end of the time I had her... it was definately a cool looking seat (which is why I bought it), but IMHO it was not much more comfortable than the stocker. Mine did NOT have gel in it, DK if that would have helped significantly or not.

hope this helps a little, BTW FWIW I now have a lowrider that I have a solo leather Saddlemen tattoo gel seat that I really like so far, although I haven't had too much of a chance to do any long riding....


'05 FXDL "molly"
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LePera Barebones worth the money IMO

I put the Bare Bones on my '05 Dyna Super Glide Custom and it was the best move I ever made on that bike. I've made a 2K trip on the stock seat and a 2.5K trip on the Bare Bones. The 2.5K trip was so much more comfortable on the Bare Bones than the shorter ride on the stock seat. I kept the stock seat, but wouldn't put it on again unless I had a passenger. And mine is NOT a gel Bare Bones either. I just think the riding position is more comfortable than the stock seat. It lowered my butt on the bike and moved me backwards a little bit. A much better ride. I'm doing a 3K ride in May and there is no other seat I would have right now than that Bare Bones.

My wife has the 06 low. I think replacing the seat with a piece of plywood would be more comfortable and pretty cheap...
darkknight said:
My wife has the 06 low. I think replacing the seat with a piece of plywood would be more comfortable and pretty cheap...
yeah, plywood with spikes, LOL.

I love my riding position, but my butt goes numb from pressure points. I'd love to hear from someone with the gel insert, or with a sillouette or daytona, to see how much it raised their riding postion from the stock "no foam" seat.

For the moment, I'm waiting on an airhawk cushion, I'm praying that that will get me until I can afford to take the plunge and buy a new seat

PS Darknight - noticed your avatar. Heh heh, I went to school with Christian Bale, well, he went to the Boys side up the hill, I was at the Girls side at the other end of the school fields we shared.
HI ,
I had a LePera on my 883; it is an improvement over the stock seat, but not that much better.....I think mine is the "sonora"; and it has gel in it. I don't think they put in enough gel, or its in the wrong place....the LePera with a gel strap on pad on top of it might be ok for you though.....

If you are skinny, it might be ok, but for me the LePera is too soft/thin to support me; the thin seats look good, but I doubt any of them are comfy; if I were you, I'd check out a custom saddle maker ( which I'm in the process of doing right now); try Bill Mayer for starters.
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