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I am new to the forums so hope this is the right place for this thread ... my first (and only) Harley is my stock (engine wise for the moment) 1997 Heritage Soft Tail (FLSTC):

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Plant

I bought the bike about 6 years ago (give or take) when she had 5000 miles on her. She belonged to a guy who was in the Army and based in Germany where he bought it and where it spent most of it's life in storage.

Since buying her, I've put one or two miles on it and made a few cosmetic changes Mustang Regal Seat, Foot Boards instead of pegs, Truck Lite LED Head Light, LED Passing Lights, New Saddle Bags (yes they are on backwards) and had her repainted her original Pearl Blue.

Things to be done in the very VERY near future (ie this year) will be to change out the Air Cleaner for an S&S Tear Drop, the exhaust for a V&H Big Shots Staggered, change out the stock cam for either an Andrews EV13 or 27 - still haven't sorted out which will be the best for my riding - and all of the appropriate other changes, tappets, pushrods, gaskets Carby rebuild etc. Right now, I have all that stuff sitting in boxes on my front porch :)

Shipping box Wood Package delivery Packing materials Rectangle

There you have it :)
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