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My first bike was a Whizzer my dad traded a WW11 rifle for when I was 10 years old. From there my dad would buy two to three older motorcycles at a time and fix them up and sell them so I always had something to ride. My first Harley was when I was 13 and my dad bought a 200 Tiger Cub Triumph and a 125 Harley. I rode the wheels off of them and raced the Tiger Cub at local races. In 1966 I saw my first chopper and thats all it took. I got a 1958 panhead in 1968 and started putting together a knucklehead the same year. I moved to the Haight and had the knucklehead in my living room on the third floor while I found the parts I needed. In 1969 I bought a flathead 80 dirt cheap and rode it until I burnt a hole in the rear piston, fixed it and sold it.
My problem was I was always in trouble with the law, things were different back then and there were two types of riders..outlaw bikers and garbage wagon riders. We wouldnt have been caught dead riding a garbage wagon, or hanging around with anyone that did.
After many bouts with the law I got away from motorcycles and straightened my life out. About five years ago I realized it wasnt the harleys that got me in trouble, it was the things I was doing and I bought a 91 sporty and that did it! The best thing I've ever done for myself..period. I also bought a 2007 Dyna that I truely love and although I'm 62 years old....I feel like I'm 25 again!
And oh, how things have changed. No more constant hassle, beating and planting from the police. You youngsters have no idea what things were like back then and what we went thru with the cops. We are the ones who started this whole seen and the police did everything they could to stop us...to no avail. They mocked our funerals and what really gripes me is that now they do the same thing....biker runs for the police....and all the magazines advertize and support them.....are you kidding me? I don't hate cops anymore but I still dont like them or trust them one bit and I find it sickening that the new age bike culture includeds them. Look at the major bike runs and look what the police are doing....they import cops from all the surrounding states and they have a field day feeding on you for anything from two feet must touch the ground to mirror violations or other equipment violations. New rules and ordinances are trying to close down popular biker runs and rallys and theres not much you can do about it. To me, having biker cops is like the KKK having a black grand wizard.
Enough of the negative side of my views....Harleys are the cure for getting old....I was born in 49 and now, thanks to my two scoots, I'm 25 again!!!!!!! Good friends, motorcycles and good times............
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