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New stainless steel vacuum pump, it is made of stainless steel processing, the vacuum pump products to a better direction of development, because it solves the problem of products easy to rust and corrosion, for manufacturers to save a lot of use cost. However, such excellent equipment, in the use of the process, or can not avoid the phenomenon of bad fault, so its maintenance is very important.

1, the stainless steel vacuum pump valve inspection should pay attention to whether the sealing ring is aging and deformation, whether the spring spring is seriously reduced, whether the valve mouth and valve core have no wear, corrosion and other defects, installation of the valve end should be flat with the pump flange, not concave.
2. When replacing the diaphragm, lift the pump head in advance to prevent falling damage.

Stainless steel vacuum pump
3. The adjustment mechanism shall calibrate the stroke length position (stroke length is 5mm) when disassembling, remove the calibration table holder, slide the calibration ring into the calibration position, and the measured stroke length shall be completely consistent with the calibration table.
4. When the piston is disassembled, the packing ring shall be removed from the stainless steel vacuum pump groove with a special pointed tool, and be careful not to damage the ring groove.
5, worm gear to check, its teeth should be intact, there should be no cracks or broken teeth, installation to check the mesh contact.The above content is mainly for our stainless steel vacuum pump overhaul is introduced, including the sealing ring, spring, valve, pump and valve core head, scale, piston rings, overhaul contents of worm worm gear and other accessories, of great help to extend the service life of related accessories, also the pump equipment service life and efficiency of the support is helpful, we seriously need to develop.
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