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Subject: Bikes or Boobs ?
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I have a problem I need some help with and Im looking to my Sportster
buddies to help me. Im trying to determine if my Sportster was a better
deal (and more useful) than my wife's new boobs. Although the wife is
now sporting a beautiful new rack, I still cant help feeling that my
bike was a better deal in some way.

For example: My bike feels real good but so does my wife's new
hooters. I paid paid $6,000 for my wife's new rack but only $5,500 for
my Sporty. I can hop on my horse anytime for a ride but cant honestly
say that of the ol lady. I can take my Harley to the lake and show it
off, but cant show off my wife's knockers for fear we might be
arrested. I rode my Sportster the same day I brought it home but had to
wait weeks before I could feel up my sweeties new ****. Other men stare
at my Sporty and I don't get jealous but I do when they stare at my
honeys new jugs. My well maintained Harley may last a lifetime but I
believe the wife's new mamories have a certain life span.

As you can see, its a toss up between the two (or the three I might
add). Any one want to chime in and help me with this problem?

1994 Sportster Deluxe

Ride free and live long and prosper

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It's really hard to say without a picture of both....oh yeah, one of the bike would help too.
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