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Thought I was going mad there for a while. I have an '89 883. Just got back from holiday last week and the bike didn't want to start. When it did finally fire it was only on one cylinder. Replaced the plugs, and it seemed fine for a day. The next day it seemed to start OK, but after a couple of minutes on the road it lost power and started to backfire real bad. Plugs seem to be fine. Before I start buying new leads and coil etc I could do with some ideas. If it comes to timing how do I check the revs as the bike has no rev counter. Looks like stripping the carb could be a good idea. Makes sense if any crap has settled over the two week layup, it's got sucked into the carb. Please post any other ideas, as I plan on getting it sorted this weekend one way or another. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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