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Sportster and Bassani

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Im looking real hard at both the Pro Street and the Road Rage 2-Into-1 Exhaust for my 2005 XL 883. Its stock at present. I like the look of the Pro Street but Im worried they are too loud. This is absoultely my 1st choice. Riding 2 up is not an issue. My only concern is I may offend people on the street. Im new to bikes and I just dont know. If they would be too loud I might opt for the performance of the 2 into 1. Im sure it has a good sound too. Does anyone have either of these pipes on a Sportster and have a picture they can sport? Id love to see these pipes on a Sprortster, or hear your input.
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Don't worry, you will offend some people just because your on a motorcycle. A key to to riding is "thimk" before you twist the "loud handle"...:chopper:
I just passed 1,:thumbsup: 000 miles riding. It is simply amazing to see the creeps that come out to f##k with a motorcycle. What’s up with that? I’m 54 and the only time I wring it out is when I need to put a punctuation point on a situation. Mostly I’m just motoring around the by-ways or secondary roads.
I dont really care who I piss off with loud pipes, they will make people look at me, and hopefully keep them from pullin out infront of me, or side swipin me. The question I have, is what are the good ones. High quality, look good, and are Loud. I have a 1200 custom.
2 into 1 design is absolutely superior for performance, but I like the short pipe style?prty:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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