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Welcome, Bam.

FifthGear has correctly pointed out that H/D's are not for everyone. My son, who is visiting this weekend, prefers his sports bike. It's his thing. I understand and respect his opinion. There are other riders on this Forum who presently own or have owned sports bikes. I for one enjoy and appreciate almost any kind of motorcycle. I'd enjoy having a different motorcycle for each day of the week.

Now, will a stock H/D give you a big speed rush before modifications? For most riders the answer is "no". For many, the stock performance is anemic. However, after some very basic mod's, you can get plenty of juice. Sounds like, though, that you might be more comfortable with a V-Rod or Buell product. Have you given those lines consideration? H/D is marketing those products with younger riders in mind.

Enjoy your time here at the H/D Forum.
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