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Speedometer/Tachometer Moisture Question

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I am new to the the board, but I have a question about the speedo/tach on my '05 Road Kink Classic.

I had the original speedo changed out for the speedo/tach combo & this is the trird one that has gotten moisture inside the unit, so much so that it leaves a water line. The dealership has replaced it each time..

My question is WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? I have had two other bikes, a Yamaha & Vulcan Drifter & nNEVER had this problem..Is this a issue unique only to Harleys???? At almost $450, this is a sealed unit & should NOT get moisture inside..

Any opinions/advice is GLADLY WELCOME..

Thanks in advance,

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Read the "my Deuce rusted in 3 months" thread and then run like hell.:crying:
Also post a hello in the intro forum.:thumbsup:
Wecome anyways.:welcome:
Speedo/Tach moisture

Thanks for the welcome..I read the thread you suggested, but did not really find an answer to 'why moisture keeps getting inside my unit. Thank goodness I DO NOT have any rust on the bike. The bike is in a garage, with NO chemicals of ANY kind.
Do what the 'Service Bulletin' sez to do: Push it out in direct sunlight until the condensation dries up. Would you be interested in replacing that fogged up gauge for another? Harley will more than glad to help you. Until the new one fogs up too.......then do what the 'Service Bulletin' sez to do....and it goes on and on and on and on................:whistle:
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