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Special eddition?

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Special edition?

A friend told me that there was a special edition Dale Earnhardt Harley that was going to be available. All the information that he had was that there were going to be 333 made and will list for @ $50,000. Has anyone heard of this or have any information on the model or anything?


edit note: jeeezus, I didn't even recognize my own post at first. My spelling is getting a bad southern draw. LOL. I corrected some of it for you guys.
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Well, I did some checking and found out that the info came from the April Cycleworld magazine. It was misleading enough for a non- Harley rider to believe that it was a Harley Davidson I guess. My friend insisted that it was a Harley. Actually the article stated that this company built some fine HD customs. This Dale E. model does use a Harley Twin Cam 95" engine with screaming eagle parts though. I thought it was kinda strange for Harley to be puting out a special limited edition such as this just before their 100th anniversary models. It just didn't sound right.
Yup, they are made here in Phoenix by Paul Yaffe.

Extremely good looking bike, because it is a custom on one hand and a very clean and simple bike on the other, and for the most part it is blacked out instead of chromed.

The first one was built for a local dude that owns a big company that deals with NASCAR licensed merchandise. You should even be able to buy a model of the bike soon. It is this guys deal, Paul is just building the bikes.

If I happen to be carrying a camera I'll take a picture for you. I'm fairly certain to run into the bike again during bike week.
Thanks for the reply Hippo. I'm sure it is a fine bike. I just thought that HD was putting it out. I would like to see a picture though.
Just read the first post before I responded. Always carry a camera when on the bike, so if I run into this thing again when on the bike, I'll shoot it for you.
There is a picture of it in either Hot Bike or American Iron. I don't remember which one it was. (I'm at work and the mags at home.) If you need to know, I'll check tonight.
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