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Something unexpected happened at the HD dealer today

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You may recognize from my name that I'm the guy that has been seeking opinions on a new 1200C vs 1200S. Well a funny thing happened today.

Went to the HD dealer today to get a couple questions answered. Ran into a another customer who was picking up a new bike in a few days. He told me he needs to sell his '96 Sportster custom. Asked if I wanted to see it. Went to his house to look at it. It was georgeous. Mint condition. 2700 miles. Everything was chrome, even the oil filter. Had Python III pipes which eliminated the crossover pipe. Sounded wonderfull. Been rejetted and had a funky air cleaner that had some fluttery type valves (I guess) on the leading side. Had a 21" alloy front wheel.
He's asking $12,000. I figured up what the Sport model would cost with the extras that I wanted and it came to nearly $12000. And that would be without all the chrome that this guy put on. He seemed meticulous. No oil spots on the garage floor. Every nut had a chrome cover on it.
I was not dressed to drive it today, but made arrangements to take a ride tomorrow if it does't rain. Can't stop thinking about it. It looked just the way I would want my bike to look. I would not have to do a thing to it. Just ride it.

This will keep me awake tonight for sure.

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Sounds like the deal of a lifetime.

For the other guy.
Bike is 6 years old and only has 2700 miles?

Why is he getting a new one, he doesn't ride. What year was it that the bike was finally broken in?

Book value is about $6400 and there is no add-on for chrome and stuff.
That is not a good deal...even if it is dipped in chrome.
For a few dollars more you can get a new FXD superglide. You are the only one who can say if it is a good deal or not.
If you like the bike, think it's a good deal, don't mind having a used bike then ................ what could anyone add?
I couldn't buy a used Harley because I've waited so long to own one. I remember many times thinking about buying used but after looking at the prices of what a used Harley was going for why not spend the extra cash and get a new one. Not everyone thinks alike, this is just the way I think. To me getting a new Harley is what it's all about, then you do what you want to it, when you want as it matchs your personality and budget.
Sounds like a tough decision especially when you've got the fever. My bike (a lifetime dream) is supposed to come in September, maybe October. This has been the worst wait I've ever experienced. I wish you the best of luck on making the decision only you can make.
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I join my learned fellow members in suggesting you're about to get shafted at the $12K price for the '96 Sportster.

A bike is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But you may want to take a look at www.kbb.com. Punch in the requisite info. Even with adding a premium for a bike in good shape, low miles and chrome goodies, the total FULL RETAIL price is no where near $12K.

We sold Lisa's 2001 1200 XLC, low miles, some extra goodies, rejet, bla. bla bla for less than $9K. Is that tellilng you something? You can look around a find MANY newer Sportsters for a lot less money.

One of the reasons people come to this site is to get GOOD advice. You've gotten some here and it should save you several thousand dollars.
OK guys, I hear you. Thanks for the advice. I don't like it, but I really do thank you.
I'll take it slow. It's supposed to rain here for the next several days, so probably won't get to ride it til Fri or Sat. If I like it, then maybe I can get the price down, or pass on it all together.
I knew the price was high, I'm not a complete moron. There were two main reasons why I was considering it:
1) When I look in the newspaper at used Harleys, they are all asking damned near or more than what a new one would cost. Just this morning, in the paper there is a '91 Lowrider asking $16,000. That's eleven years old for crying out load.
2) The other thing I'm considering is that I'm not a 'tinkerer'. If I get a bike, I'm getting it to ride it. Spending the next six months screwing around with the bike to get it the way I want it doesn't appeal to me. I know a lot of you guys enjoy that, and maybe if I was more mechanically inclined, I would too. But I'm not. I could do little things, but I don't have much confidence in doing the work myself, so it would mean having the dealer or someone do it. This guy has screwed around with everything already. He has done way more than I would ever do. And it all looked first class. I would not be inclined to do all that he has done.
Hope this helps you understand where I was coming from.

I will rethink this deal and proceed cautiously, but I'm a little bummed.
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Don't get bummed out dude -- it's all in your court. If you like the bike that much (based on your posted reasoning) then go for it. "Don't worry --Be Happy". HA!
You're not that far from me, so when I get my bike we'll hook up and go for a cruise. As a matter of fact there are quite a few people here in this forum that are getting new bikes. I wish we could all get together and go for a ride to celebrate what we've got.
I know the feeling of bummed, I ordered my bike on 3 June and I'm in the waiting mode, so if anything help cheer me up OK? HA!

Thanks for the support. Didn't sleep much last night. I'm actually getting sick of thinkng about the whole thing.

From the info in your earlier post, sounds like you're getting pretty close. Sept. or Oct. That's right around the corner. You'll probably still have some good autumn riding weather left before winter. You're in good shape. Hang in there, it'll be here before you know it.

We can try to hook up some time next season. Take care.
Wheelman, Susquehanna HD (aka Fat Willys) in Harrisburg, Pa has a few new and used Sportsters sitting on the floor. Was there last week and there were 2 03's and 1 02. The 02 was a sport with S/E muffs, re-jet, special paint,and new seat for $10,500. The 03's were stock for MSRP.

Their web-site

Close to you? I know from going out there they sell outside to MD. May be worth your while.
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Harrisburg is probably less than two hours away. I'll try to ride up there on Friday for a look.
I've decided to stay on the original list I was on and wait for a new one.
Wheelman too bad you don't live around here, I have a friend with a 2001 XL 1200 Custom with probably 1500 miles on it ALL chromed out (purple and diamond ice two-tone) for sale. She's asking $12k for it but I think she'll come down. And at least it's a 2001... and let me tell you it is CHROMED OUT.
Thanks. But that's kinda far right now. I'm going to wait for a 1200 Custom, and I'll have a few things done to it to make it mine.

Thanks anyway.
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