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Could be some little animal (4-legged or 2-legged kind) got in somewhere while the bike was sitting unattended in the campground and chewed some tasty insulation. I have squirrels always trying to hide peanuts in numerous places on my bike.

I have an older version of the HI-4TC ignition for use with the cam position sensor. The only problem it ever indicated was some high voltage spikes. And that was while I was riding, as the condition was detected. There was nothing stored as best as I can remember. Does your version kill the signal to the speedo/odo to blink the check engine light for diagnostics? It took me a long time to see it, and then to figure out it was trying to tell me something. I just thought my speedo was getting ready to quit.

Those compression numbers seem sort of low. But if things have been fine for 8K, I don't see why that would change overnight.

Even though the carb and fuel delivery check out OK, have you tried spraying some starting fluid down the throat to see if those good sparks are going to waste?
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