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I have two sets of Harley Touring shocks for sale. A set of Progressive 444-4001 and a set of Ohlins HD 022. Both sets have very little use. I compared both sets on my 2004 Road King Custom and 2015 Electra Glide Ultra Classic to the factory shocks as well as Ohlins HD 059. Neither set has many miles on them. Surely less than 1,000 miles but probably closer to 100 for the Progressives and maybe 250 for the Ohlins. Price for each set is $300 (cash or Paypal only) plus shipping from Shreveport, LA. I will advertise these locally as well as through other sources.

The Progressive 444-4001 is a 12.5" length shock. Standard Touring is 13" and the Road King Custom was 12". These are a pair of shocks only, no bolts. Bushings or adjusting tools are not needed with these. Preload is adjusted by hand without tools. Progressive sent me these as a warranty replacement set for a set of 440 shocks that got stiff after 10-12 years and 40,000+ miles of use.

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The Ohlins come with the spanner wrenches used to adjust spring preload, the bushings that go in the eye of the shock and the spacers as provided with them when they were new. Use your bolts or acquire the correct bolt as needed for your application. These were purchased from Howard Messner's Motorcycle Metal. They are Howard's part number #2~#2(B) 12 7/8"/330 mm Stroke: 3 5/16"/84 mm.

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