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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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Been up on the forum awhile but haven't posted here yet. Here's my 2000 FXST TC88

work is still in progress, adding chrome and other stuff still. I'm getting ready to swap the stock rear wheel with a Deuce wheel and 160mm tire, chrome cam cover, chrome tranny cover, baisley spring while the cam cover is off, 2" lowering kit front and rear, and going to polish the lower legs, rotors and pulley while I have everything stripped down. That's it for this year, going to wait until the seasons over before I do anything else. I just bought it in March and I'd like to enjoy it for a little while lol!
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Well, my bike is up on the stand waitin for my Duece wheel conversion, so I aint ridin til this weekend at least.
roloplex said:
People are still here just not much talking going on. I just lowered my FXST w/ the fat boy rear fender on and it looks f-ing great. Didn't think the 1in. would be enough but it is. Will post a pick later to see what you all think.
Def want to see some pics, I just put the lowering kit on my shocks while everything is torn apart, hadn't decided how low I want to go yet. Be very interested in how yours turned out.
Well, here's the Deuce wheel conversion lowered about 1 1/2", gonna lower the front too, not sure if I should go 1 1/4" or the full 2" I really like the slammed look but ridin 2-up at -2" may be a little rough. Just bought a Le Pera Silhouette saddle too, I would've had pics but it's too dark right now lol
roloplex said:
here are some pics
Looks good! What is the rise on your bars? I think yours are shorter than mine, I think I like that look better....
03fxst said:

Nice lookin scoot!
moonking said:
Here's a couple of updated pics of mine with the new bars, controls, and mirrors.
View attachment 34423

View attachment 34424
looks nice, real nice! Are your rocker boxes chrome or polished? What about the lower legs?
moonking said:
They are both stock. This winter I'm thinking about trying to do a "home" polishing job on the lowers.
I'll tell ya from experience it ain't easy! I just did the rear wheel, caliper, rotor and pulley on mine, turned out pretty good but not as good as a pro would've done. Definitely takes some practice. I'm going to do my lowers front rotor and caliper when I put the front lowering kit on later this year. If you need some advice, I'll be happy to pass on what little experience I've aquired...
Mac4020 said:
Thought I would post some pics of my wife's '05 FXST that I customized for her. I bought it as a salvage (fire damage) so after all the old damaged parts were stripped off we were able to build exactly what she wanted.


Adjustable rear lowering kit
2" under forks w/ HD profile low suspension kit (springs & jiffy stand)
FL footboards
Short brake lever
Flanders 35 degree drag bars w/ 8" risers
Sumax Loboy rear fender
Aftermarket front fender
V&H Shortshot staggered pipes
Bar Enterprises solo seat w/ flame stitching
Custome paint by me






MAC, can't see the pics :huh:

Beerguy, looks great! Just curious are you a beer conisseur or what? I love a good beer and always enjoy trying something new.
TheBeerGuy said:
Thanks Shaw_2112.

I actually work for one of those "beer of the month" clubs where you get microbrews delivered to your house from all over the U.S. I work in a huge warehouse full of good beer! It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!!drunk! :beer:
HA! I couldn't handle a job like that, I'd get fired for sampling the merchandise and bein drunk on the job lol! Tried anything good lately?
Great job! Are those Vance and Hines pipes? Friend of mine put some on that loook just like them, thinkin about gettin a pair myself....
nochrome said:
Shaw2112 can you give us a closeup of that bike of yours with that deuce rear wheel.
I had some up that I had to delete, apparently Imagestation doesn't allow you to post links to individual photo's :whatever: anyway here they are.

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nochrome said:
Shaw. Does that wheel slide in with no mods? That is a real nice look.
Thanks, needed to do some mods for my year, newer years 03 or 04 up don't need any, whichever year they went to the 150mm stock wheel. I needed a wider tire spacer (2")for the left side and needed to machine off .125 on the caliper in order to center the wheel. I reveresed the strut bolts and put acorn nuts on them.
WarEagle007 said:
I saw it somewhere in cyberspace and copped the pix.
Now I can't remember where I saw it, but it is haunting me with its evil beauty.
If YOU know how to find the article from whence the pictures came, please post about it.

I found a link ( after a couple of hours ) that shows a similar setup as in the pix.


I'm still waiting and wanting to get my first H-D and have run the gamut from Road King to Fat Boy to V-Rod to Night Train to RoadGlide (my favorite).
My best friend has a Dyna Wide Glide.
I found the pix of the Softail Custom and started thinking about the "SOFTAIL BAGGER" pictured above.
That would put me smack dab in the middle of all the other bikes I've been drooling over, and I actually LIKE the idea...so I'm halfway there.
One of the dealer managers told me today about 'the one that makes your heart beat faster' and now I've got that feeling he's talking about.
THAT BIKE has a fantastic mix of Touring/Chopper/Style all mixed into one.

Somebody tell me how sick I am, please! :clap:
hmmm, I dunno, just doesn't look quite right to me. The hard bags seem a little too dominating for the lines of the Standard Softail, make it look out of balance......
rkt88403 said:
Thinking about lowering it any further?:hystria:
I dunno man, I think he could go another inch...:roflback:
hoofnhog said:
The front tire is a Avon 120/70X21...... everyone who sees the bike freaks on that wheel and the paint....... I freak on what they can't see.... the motor build came out real sweet, a real stump puller.......
What kind of windshield is that? I've been lookin for somthing like that for the longer trips. Is it detachable? How well does it work?
hoofnhog said:
That is one of the Sportech's Cruiser Series windshields..... Pops on and off in a couple of seconds, leaving only 2 chrome rings on the bars when it's not mounted. Works great at keeping the wind, bugs and **** outta your face, once you get the angle of it right so it kicks the air up over your head. Does nothing to keep the wind off you shoulders, arms, etc. but it isn't supposed to. Very cool, hardly notice it when it's mounted... I'm real happy with it.
Thanks! I'm fairly short, only 5'8', I sit so far into the bike that most of the wind pressure is on my neck and face. Nearly all my wind fatigue is in my neck. Sounds like this will do great if I can get it mounted properly...
cdirk said:
Pics of my bike.
Nice lookin ride!
miles to go said:
I agree, the standard has/had much potential. For your bike i'd suggest you go with some of the smaller bullet style turn signals - those stock turns are just too big.
I agree, recently got rid of the stock signals on mine. Went with some custom flush mounted LEDs in the rear and the Kuryakyn Turn Signal mirrors up front. Really cleaned up the lines on the bike.... I'll have to post some pics later....
Screamin00 said:
pics of the rear turn signials and where did you get them?
Here ya go..

Got the rear signals off eBay here

I had to be creative though, I had to do some drilling on the struts and relocate some bolts...
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