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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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Hello ironbut(Terrya12), I have a 2002 FXST and am thinking of changing the bars from original. I really like the look of your bike, especially with the apehangers.Could you please tell me the height/type and make etc of your bars. Also please tell me how you find the riding position.
Terry NochromeA12 AKA's Apehangers.

nochrome said:
Hi Softailman. Yest this is Terrya12 AKA Nochrome. The name change was because I forgot my password and had to reregister. Anyway my bars are mini apes at 12.5 inches, $75.00 CDN. They are setup on 2 inch straight risers, $65.00 CDN. Both items were purchased at the local HD shop. The reason for this setup was cost. This is about the max in hieght you can go using the existing cables and wiring, just swap and go. Can be done in about one hour and several minutes. All I did was take the stock bars off with wires cables ect all attached and set them on the front headlight with a towel. Transfered the switch housings ect over to the new bars then mounted them to the new risers. An extra set of hands come in handy but not needed if your careful. You will need to straighten out the front brake line by hand very gently or you could crack it ( take your time). As for the ride, I'm 5' 11" so my arms come straight across and mirrors are just above eye level so I like the set up very much. Arms are not so high that they fall asleep on long trips and you still have plenty of controle of the bike. I have had this setup for three years now and have no plans on changing it. I also sit lower with the Badlander seat that is lower than the stock seat. This all adds to the seating position. Hope this helps.
Terry, this is my first response on V Twin. Thanks for the reply. I thought you had ridden over the horizon and forgotten to come back.
Never mind that though, your bars look just great. The answer explains everything, particularly the cable being long enough and the cost is also an issue with me.
By the way I am the same height, nearly (5' 10'' 3/4) and have a similar low seat.
Last thing what does CDN mean.
I have a friend going to the states next month and we pay double the price over here (England) for parts and he will bring them home for me.
If you have any more info, ie part numbers I would be grateful (mine is a 2002 FXST Like yours but I need some catchup ).
This year I am putting a 150 Tyre on the rear and lowering the suspension.
Thanks keep in touch.
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Hey Scary try the following site http://fatbillscustoms.com/. I am going to lower my softail when the whether gets a bit warmer. There is alot more info if you search the suspension threads. Good Luck.
Scary, glad you like it. Don't forget to Post another picture so I can see the difference, it will spur me on to do mine.
Good Luck.
Larry, looks great. I wasn't sure if 1" was enough, but now you have convinced me.
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