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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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nads said:
Finally got my christmas present on the bike. I love these bars compared to stock. Right where my hands are supposed to be.
Nads, what bars are those? And how tall are you?
Allmanman said:
Hey all, I know there is a section on the forum for seats only. But I figured since I'm subscribed to this thread I'd ask fellow FXST/softail riders. I'm looking for a solo seat and was wondering what your opinions are on (1) Comfort (2) Look (3) I'd like the seat to move me forward a little (I'm 5.9 1/2). I imagine that a deep bucket seat would move me/ keep me forward..ya think? With the slope on my current seat the way it is my butt keeps sliding up it and eventually I get numb butt. From cruising the forum I've found that Lepera & Mustang are the seats of choice. Do ya agreee with that? Right now I have the 100th Anniv seat on (which is no better than the stock seat..'nuf said there). Hope ya don't mind the seat question but there are a zillion posts in the seat thread. Many with titles like "Help!". Yeah, that tells me what bike they're talkin about. Thanks in advance for any input. Peace.
- A-man

For price check out this... http://www.cyborgcycles.com/

For a Softtail;
http://www.cyborgcycles.com/ for the Mustang and Saddleman

Fits Softail 2000-up (except Duece) CC03380 w/backrest $439.95



Saddlemen Classic Explorer Special Seat w/ Backrest $626.99

FYI...I have "NOT" used any of these companys and know nothing about them!
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1 - 2 of 562 Posts