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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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I put on the fatboy rear fender this past spring. I always hated the stock fender on the fxst but really like the bike so I swapped out the rear. My plan is to do the same with the front with a fl fender I bought a few years ago but I really like the look of it now. Almost has a hot rod look. If I put the fl fender on the front it will look like all those 06 stripped down heritages coming out. So I think I'll leave it as is untill harley comes out with this look ( who knows).

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Hold up guys. Its still me Terrya12. I forgot my password and set up a new log in under nochrome because the fxst has "no chrome" basically. No I did not sell the bike. I am getting to where I like it now. I hope to finish it off this winter with pipes and extended controles. I've been wanting to put this rear fender on it for a long long time and now its done. I'm very pleased. I like some of the new 06 bikes but don't have the cash or the energy to start over.
Sweet. That will look good. I thought about the same thing and that would make your bike look real unique. Here is a pic of a dyna I found on line that made me think the same. Real retro looking, got to love it. What do you think?

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I thought the braces look cool too, really adds to the look. 03fxst I still want to do the switch but I'm really digging the look I have now with the full rear fender. I see that HD came out with a stripped down Heritage and I think my bike may look to much like them. I'm still looking for a 16" used rim. If I come across one I'll likley buy it but there is not alot of used parts up here. I change my mind as often as I change my shorts. :laugh: My wife says I'm worse than a woman. I still love this overall look in the end 03fxst.

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SeaDog, my bike is an 01 and the fender is new from harley purchased in May 05. It bolts on with no mods. the wiring harness is plenty long enough and your existing tail light flips over to be mounted on. With that said though you will have to buy the chrome mounting plate for your tail light. All plugs are the same. The one thing I did not like was when HD went to a wider tire in 02 or 03 they bent in the small channel in the underside of the fender to make room without having to reconstruct a new fender. this seems to have weekend the fender in terms of its stiffness. You can twist the fender now by hand. Not a big deal but just one of those things I noticed. Also you will have a rubber channel with 3m tape that will be used to hold your wiring up inside the fender. I liked the older fenders with the hangers spot welded on. You will need to take the connector off the end to slip the harness through (do not cut the wires, they pull out/unlock if you know what your doing then lock back in when you done). Easy job with no problems.
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Hey guys I can't get into seeing the attachments your posting. It says I do not have a valid email. My email is correct, whats up? I would like to see your rides.
Hi Softailman. Yest this is Terrya12 AKA Nochrome. The name change was because I forgot my password and had to reregister. Anyway my bars are mini apes at 12.5 inches, $75.00 CDN. They are setup on 2 inch straight risers, $65.00 CDN. Both items were purchased at the local HD shop. The reason for this setup was cost. This is about the max in hieght you can go using the existing cables and wiring, just swap and go. Can be done in about one hour and several minutes. All I did was take the stock bars off with wires cables ect all attached and set them on the front headlight with a towel. Transfered the switch housings ect over to the new bars then mounted them to the new risers. An extra set of hands come in handy but not needed if your careful. You will need to straighten out the front brake line by hand very gently or you could crack it ( take your time). As for the ride, I'm 5' 11" so my arms come straight across and mirrors are just above eye level so I like the set up very much. Arms are not so high that they fall asleep on long trips and you still have plenty of controle of the bike. I have had this setup for three years now and have no plans on changing it. I also sit lower with the Badlander seat that is lower than the stock seat. This all adds to the seating position. Hope this helps.
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Softailman I don't have any part numbers for you, sorry. All I can say is they were purchased at the local Harley shop and are 12.5" miniapes. I see them in every HD shop I've been at. CDN is short for Canadian. I have an adjustable lowering kit on mine, White Brothers is the brand at a cost of about $80.00. I'm not on this site as much as I used to but I check in now and again. When your ready for the install I'd be happy to answer anymore questions. Good luck dude.
MAC4020 Really like the bike, how many harleys does one guy need anyway? Don't answer that, I know the answer.:duh?:

TheBeerGuy, very sweet ride, nice and clean, like the studs, nice touch.

I think I'm done with mine now. Maybe new paint but thats about it. Time to add another to the stable, I'm thinking Street Glide or RK.

The front fender was the last thing I put on it this summer before I road it to the Arctic Circle.

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Shaw2112 can you give us a closeup of that bike of yours with that deuce rear wheel.
Shaw. Does that wheel slide in with no mods? That is a real nice look.

Hoofnhog I got the fender from JP Cycles, its the metal one and comes with spacers. I cut the mounts down 1 inch because I thought it road to high on the wheel. I wish they had rolled the edges under like HD instead of cutting it off. Other than that I like it.

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