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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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Thought I would post some pics of my wife's '05 FXST that I customized for her. I bought it as a salvage (fire damage) so after all the old damaged parts were stripped off we were able to build exactly what she wanted.


Adjustable rear lowering kit
2" under forks w/ HD profile low suspension kit (springs & jiffy stand)
FL footboards
Short brake lever
Flanders 35 degree drag bars w/ 8" risers
Sumax Loboy rear fender
Aftermarket front fender
V&H Shortshot staggered pipes
Bar Enterprises solo seat w/ flame stitching
Custom paint by me

Try to ignore the sky-blue rusted out $hitbox in the background...

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MAC, can't see the pics
Thanks for letting me know the links weren't working. I finally figured out how to post the actual pic so I updated my post above.​
Yes, they're Vance & Hines Shortshots Staggered, and you can find them on eBay at a fair price ($259.95 incl. shipping).


They sound great but definitely loud.
Thanks, I was kinda hoping my wife wouldn't like it so I could keep it for myself. I would have kept the fwd controls and steered clear of the highway bars, but it's still a blast to ride. Occasionally, I'll pull the windshield and bags off and take it for a spin while she's at work (just to make sure everything is working properly, of course).
Thanks for the compliments...the front fender was an ebay purchase from Demon's Cycle. With shipping it was around $60. I went thru their ebay store and they don't seem to have much in the way of fenders right now, but that will probably change. Anyway, it's the 21" wide glide and its something like 4-3/4" wide so it has to be mounted with spacers. The ones that I used are from Jireh Cycles, P/N 19-246, $41.95.

The windshield is a Memphis Shades Rio Grande in gradient black. Another ebay purchase from American Classic Motors, $183 including shipping. The Rio Grande is the largest sport shield Memphis Shades makes. It's a little too tall for my wife (she's 5'1") so I'm going to switch it out for a Del Rio which is 2" shorter. I'll make you a great deal on the windshield if you want it, but you'll have to buy the mounting hardware for it.

The Sumax fender (Jireh Cycles P/N 19-205, $127.95) I was really pleased with. I used the original fender as a template to drill the mounting holes. I laid the Sumax on the floor on its side and placed the original on top of it and used a square to align the top edges of both fenders as well as the cutout for the ECM tray. As long as you take your time mounting it, the rest is a breeze. It comes ready for paint so all I did was wet sand it with 600 grit to get rid of the little bit of orange peel in the gel coat before painting.

The seat was a custom order...narrower in the front, thinner in the seat, and padded in the rear to push the rider forward so it was more expensive than a standard solo. With the millenium foam (same as the tempurpedic mattress stuff you see on tv) and the flame stitching it ran about $400. It's very well made and the foam is incredibly comfortable. Much better than the gel seats I have for my Heritage. It's solo only - my wife can barely handle the bike by herself, let alone with a passenger.

Any other details you need, just ask. I've gotten a lot of help from this site and am always glad to return the favor when I can.

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