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Softail Standard owners thread

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Since I'm a new owner of a Softail Standard,I thought that I would see who else here owns the same.
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Mine used to look just like that!

Robustus said:
Congrats man! I love my standard but I don't think I can wait till the 1k service to put the pipes on.
But not any more :cool:

Robustus said:
Snowman what seat is that & how is it?
It is a Mustang Wide Studded Solo with Backrest #79120
It is excellent, not everybody's choice but suits me as I am after comfort not looks. Not shown in that picture is the passenger seat, #79130 and sissy bar, but you can see them at my Webshots if you click on my signature line.
Finally, a reply.......

Robustus said:
Snowman, how did the Mustang effect your ride position? I get different answers from Mustang itself.
Robustus, first of all, let me say first that the seat is very comfortable. My riding habits have not changed since I got the seat, but now I do not have to stop and get the circulation back in my butt like I did with the stock seat.
Now as for your question, I think the seat moved me ahead an inch or two. That would be because of the construction of the built in backrest support, which is an excellent addition by the way.
Another change or a feel really is that the seat is very narrow at the front. That in itself is not a problem but I have offset extensions on my pegs which lowers my legs, therefore it feels that my upper thighs take some weight. This would not be the case if my feet and knees were higher keeping the support area more on the tailbone if you get my drift. I am trialling a set of highway pegs to give me a choice of positions for long periods of highway cruising.
Hope that helps, and I can post some pictures (if I can find them) if you like or have more questions, John :)
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Not another one.......

jt03rubicon said:
I heard a guy say this the other day:

"Chrome won't get you home, but it will get you laid."

Anybody know why I can't view pics on this forum?

JT, It is because you are blue, for $15 you won't get laid, my opinion, some think they are screwed for that :eek: , but you will get to see the pictures, and turn orange . Don't you get a message to subscribe when you try to view pictures? There is plenty of infomation about it here somewhere.... :D
How does this look?

With the SE 16 Gauge Double Barrel Exhaust fitted
Bit slow to answer.......

rkt88403 said:
How do you like the sound?
I got these second hand and the baffles had already been altered. They sound pretty good to me the way they are now, although maybe drone a bit at speed. Currently in the process of ordering the Big City Thunder Monster baffles and give them a go. Also, probably get the V&H Quiet baffles before exporting the bike to Australia to keep Customs / transport department happy, hope that helps, John
johneb48 said:
Anybody have done the relocation kits for directional light relocation and the docking kit for quick release sissy bar setup on your Softail> How does it look (the directional signals relocated)--does it look like a hodge podge setup or does it look like a quality setup?
Yes, I have done this and it is a bit mickey mouse, the stem is hollow and I broke one; didn't even tighten it that much! But, I have the 1 piece sissy bar, which is great by the way, so this was the only way to fit the mounts. Also, very fiddly with cutting & splicing the wires because they run inside the stem. Some pictures, excuse the grime, bin riden :xhere:
No answer.........

Rob_OBX said:
do you mind if I ask what bars those are? or do you remember how much rise they have?
They look like stock Dyna bars to me, maybe he swapped out at some point. Click my pictures below to see Chubby Wild One 12-1/2" Apes with 1-1/2" Risers if that is what you are looking for

Wheel Question

Any 2004 FX Standard owners out there have any suggestions for wheel replacements?

I have 4 broken spokes on the rear wheel and am looking to change to a solid cast, or solid spoke type of wheel.

Wheel is 16 x 3 with 1" axle

Not looking for chrome or fashion design, just a wheel to get me rolling again.

And one day soon, I would like to convert the front to a fat tire, so a matching wheel would be great.

Thanks, John :)
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Now, that's a thought.............

A lot of people, myself included, switched to a Deuce rear wheel.
..................worth considering, thanks for the tip, you mean like this = DEUCE wheel on a 2004 FXST
now to sift thru that thread and list the parts needed, then check ebay :clap:
Calling all Softail Standard owners.......

.................... well, just calling anyone that has perhaps installed the Saddlemen Explorer seat?

I am using a Mustang seat right now, and it is way better than stock for sure, but one place it is annoying is right in the "tail bone" area.

It has the back rest hardware right there and the padding of the seat just seems to be very low at the back of the seat.

Looking at the Saddlemen Explorer seat, they seem to have a deep dished out seating spot, with a very high padding up the back side.

If you have one of these, I would like to see a picture of it on your Standard, and more importantly, your opinion of it.

Thanks, John
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Winter mods complete.
Looks great :woohoo: congratulations

What are the front turn indicators?
Go 2004

Well it's been a long long time since I've been on here. Ive since than got rid of both my sportsters ( daughter need braces and paid my truck off) I than had a street legal xr650 dirt bike that i rode for the last 2yrs. Well today I sold it and went and bought myself a very clean fxsti and brought her home today. She isn't new it a 2004 but new to me. I love this thing. My wife already bought me a nice set of leather saddle bags. I'm so stocked to be back on a Harley.
2004 is the BEST

Congratulations and wishing you many safe miles of riding!

Did you ever go through with your 21->16 inch conversion? I've trolled lots of web sites and picked up various hints but it basically comes down to: 1.you'll need to change spacers for both the hub and rotor and/or caliper, and 2. You'll need to change and re-space the front fender to accommodate the beefier wheel/tire.
QUESTION: I'm not a mechanic but the custom wheel spacing sounds kind of 'hit or miss' and may not result in the recommended offset. Would it be reasonable to remove the hub from my 2004 FXST and install it on my new 40 spoke Softail Heritage front wheel (have it re-laced/balanced with new 16 inch tire. Would that deal with any potential spacing or offset issues?

Full Time Retiree
2004 FXSTI (previously BSA 441 Victor, 1968 Triumph Tiger,1970 Norton Commando, 1971 Kawasaki H-1, and a couple of misc dirt bikes)
The spacers are not a big deal, swap the wheels, put the axle in, then measure the space, order spacers

I had posted how I put a Fatboy front wheel on my 04 Softail, as well as a Deuce rear wheel, both 17"

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