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So who's using a Nano on a Glide

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I bought one today at Best Buy and loaded it up, plugged it in to the aux port on the radio and it works great, very happy. :clap:
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Been using mine for about a month or two now. Works great with a radio shack aux cord and the nano in my inside windshield compartments. I bought the upgraded speakers upon delivery of my 05 flhti. Now if it would just warm up a bit so I can ride.
I just bought my Glide earlier in the week and just had to see whether my iPod Shuffle would work. Bought a cable from Radio Shack and plugged it in. Using my iPod will be cheaper than getting the add-on MP3 player and sounds great.
Battery life?

What kind of battery life are you getting from the Ipod?
Battery life states 14 hours. I just hooked up my iPod nano and its works great. I bought a Sirius Starmate Sportster for my car and home, figured I'd just hook it up to my EG Classic. It hooked up great, but I didn't like the look, too bulky for me. I just hide the nano in my leather windshield bag and jam.
Smallest version of the Apple IPOD MP3 player
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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