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So..Here's the next thing on my mind...

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I have these 'flame' looking exhaust shields that I want to incorporate into my exhaust. I've had the exhaust pipes themselves powder coated for now while I think of ways to make this work. I may cut the Samson heat shields to fit the flames in-line on the pipes. I don't know for sure yet.
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Not sure what you mean by in-line with the pipes, but I sure like the way it looks in the pic right now. Can you put up a pic of the bike so we have an overall idea of what you have going on.... before you took it all apart.
cant see your p9ic, but i can see it in my head, that will look great against the powdercoating.
I also don't know what you mean by in-line but I really like the way it looks now. I'm surprised we don't see this more often.
Well, the flame shield is the same radius as the Samson exhaust shield. So one of the possibilities would be to cut the Samson shield short, allowing me to add the flame piece to the length of the shield. Does that make any since:huh:

Looking at the picuture of my bike before I started fixing it :duh?: I am thinking of having the flame shields located just about even with the trap door on the tranny.

Hopefully I can get my engine put back together in the next couple of days and get going on this idea.
OK....got the motor back together tonight and mocked up the exhaust so I can look and think...

Any thoughts?
That looks great!

I agree with darrell. Plus you can move them around until you find exactly how you want them.
Thanks guys....I really like the look too. I think I will mock up the samson heat shields, then cut them so the chrome flames fit with the heat shields on the pipes. Then I'm going to send the cut samson shields and the mufflers to the powder coater. The mufflers are looking like hell anyway from this Gulf Coast weather.:badmood:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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