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Smith Brothers push rods

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These are what I am installing in my 117" build.I wanted to address my valve train stability and they should be up to the task.
7/16 to 3/8 taper,.165 wall thickness. 3/8 threads cut into the chromoly rod ends.24 TPI.
And as part of the give and take aspect,these rods are 45 grams/each heavier than my Feuling .095 wall adjustables.
This is Not going to be a high mileage build and valvetrain life is being taken into consideration.They are going to be paired up with Wood lifters and S&S rollers on S&S 675 cams.


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:corn:How long till you light the fuse?
A couple weekends of assembly,baring major unforseen issues and depending on Strokers schedule......We shall see.
Cool,can't wait to here the results..If I know Jim,your bike will take precidence over any other...:whistle:

When he tuned my 104 I stayed in his bunkhouse camper,then the next day he was beatin' the hell out of it...:hystria:
that was to get rid of the bed bugs....:redrolf:
Left myself WIDE OPEN for that one...Touche'
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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