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Siren Alarm

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Has anybody install a H D siren on A FLSTC does the rear tire have to come off
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Installed one on my Deuce and the back wheel had to come off. Unfortunately, my service manual doesn't cover the FLs. Good luck.

Does Harley make a paging accessorie for the factory alarm? I want one.:eek:
I thought about a paging alarm, but decided if the siren doesn't concern the thieve(s) then I'm not sure I want to be around anyway.

I can imagine running out to see 4 guys loading my bike into a truck. Am I going to yell at them and shake my fists?

Bolting it to the ground when you can so it's "too much work to steal" and pay your insurance bills is probably best way to go!

Installed one on my FXST. Instructions said to remove rear wheel but I found that by just removing the plastic guard below the fender, there was plenty of room to get in there. And I chain it to the floor!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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