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Thanks man......馃槑

S&S Super E carb and Head Quarters Torquer 0.465" lift with just enough duration.......Jim's Powerglide roller tappets......she scoots real nice.......

She likes to run......just gotta find this damn high speed wobble......馃樁

New Metzler ME888 Marathon Ultra Wide Whites balanced.....all bearings are good......fall away good...... thinkin' "something" is out of alignment.....

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Just found this old thread....馃槑...... bought my first.....1979 FLH with low
miles....+0.020" pistons @ 10:1, S&S Super Stock heads, new Alto clutch,
true duals exhaust,. Was repainted a few years back OEM Burgandy and
Burnt Orange. Batwing fairing and original Tour Pak.

This bike starts easy....does NOT idle too low like most ya see out there!

Rides great!.....having a small issue..... serious high speed death wobble!

Trying to narrow it down. In-city riding fine but getting up to freeway speeds
she starts to get Scarry!......dammit.

Anyway....this is the bike I should have bought years ago. Previous owner
had this bike for 27-years and kept in good condition. He did not ride much the past 16-years. Just put new Metzler Wide White Walls and still knocking off the mold release.

I'm never selling this scoot......馃槑
I had a '78 FLH back in the day, and it had the wobble. Do a search here on VT about the wobble. I believe there are threads about a stabilizing kit of sorts that can be added to the frame that's supposed to help, but I have no 1st hand experience with said kits.

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Shovel is that girl you knew in Highschool the one that got away that can haunt your mind once in a while.
When you see her again 20 years latter. She was not the one you were thinking of and likely you were better off she got away.
And if some chance she was the one and it works out she will be a high maintenance project for life but may still be worth it.

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People keep adding here and there so I'll add my two cents. I got rid of my 01 TC and got a 73 FLH instead. Much much nicer machine!! Vibration you say? What vibration?? My 01 vibrated a hell of a lot more than my shovel!! This 73 is quite smooth and much quieter than the twin cam. That damn bike was noisy!!! Valve train and can chain slap/tensioners were always making noise. I put rocker lockers in and that simmered it down but still right noisy. This shovel is quiet, solid and starts right up and purrs... Gears to work together not chains and plastic. I'll take a shovel any day over a new bike. Maintenance IS the key and the person who works on it makes the difference. I been wrenching for 40 years and I don't get stranded. I enjoy my toys and take care of them...

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