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Shorter riders and seat positon

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I am looking forward to receiving my v-rod in june. Since my height is 5'8". and inseam is 29". i was wondering if any of you have purchased or used the two hd accessories of the forward seat, and reach controls discussed below. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions or experience with these items, thank you, bruce
Forward Position Seat for VRSC Models

Offering a different riding option, this seat alters the rider's position by moving them 1" forward. Seat matches stock passenger pillion. Seat width 13".

Reduced Reach Control Kit for VRSC Models

Designed with the shorter rider ergonomics in mind, this chrome finished kit offers a different riding option for V-Rod™ models. When used alone, this kit moves the footpegs back and up 1". When used in conjunction with the Forward Position Seat P/N 52024-01, your reach is reduced up to 2", giving you maximum riding comfort.
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Thanks for the suggestion, bruce. I also have a 29" inseam! I appreciate the advise.

I noticed this was your first post. Welcome to the H/D Forums. Hopefully, in a couple days we'll have the gremlins worked out of the new server.

Welcome to the HD forum, and congrats on the new vrod. I am 6'-0" and have a 34" inseam. I can reach the controls and the ground with a bit to spare on my Vrod. I guess what I am trying to say is ride your Vrod before you buy anything, you might not need to do anything.

Just a thought...

Good Luck.

I'm only 5'7" and don't have any problem reaching the pegs. Try it first and then decide. You will love this bike when you get it.
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