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Short Passenger Back Rest

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Is anyone using this on their bike?

Detachable Short Passenger Sissy Bar Upright (p/n - 52935-04)

Is there a dramatic difference between this and the regular? Any cons?

How about pics?

Thanks, in advance!!!

E :cool:
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the ol lady hates that one. It does not go up high enough on her back the give her stalble/comfort feelings. I went with the higher/regular one and not a peep since...just her opinion thought, she is 5ft9 if that make a difference....
Hey ern,

I was going to go with that for my bike because I thought it looked sleeker, but when I tried it with the larger (more padded) seat pillion, it didn't clear the top of it so I went with the taller one:


Click on my signature link to go to my bike page and then select the seat tab to see it on my road king. The medallion across the back is a separate piece and will go on either backrest if that is what is causing you pause.

After installing it, my wife still wishes it were higher. She is 5'4".

btw... riding up to Hell's Kitchen and then maybe over to Cook's tomorrow if you are interested.
The complaints I've had were from no backrest and not having the rear shock pressure up enough. I did get whine about the stock seat, but increased shock pressure helped that. -2$en#e-
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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