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shifter on right side

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just wondering what year the shifter and foot brake were switched, and when did hd change over to belt drive
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'74 XLs were the last , I think, for right hand shift.
Early bikes were belt drive. '80 Sturgis brought it back, but the main lines started around '84.
As always, I could be wrong.
Buell, shouldn't you be putting a V-Rod in that sig.:D

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buell is correct with the Sporty changing sides in 1975. Modern beltdrive
started on the Sturgis in 1982. The Sturgis also had a primary belt. In 1983 the FXDG and FXSB received belts. 1984 was the tourers and softytails. 1991 started the Sportys turn. All this info is from The Encyclopedia of the HD by Peter Henshaw and Ian Kerr. Very interesting reading.
Buell, shouldn't you be putting a V-Rod in that sig.:D
I thought about it, but I don't have a program to make it small enough.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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