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sh!t or bust '89 sporty

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Ok '06 has started like I left '05, the story is long but do I sever my links with the shop or just persist till he gets it right, or do it myself....:beatdh:
Ive a 1989 883 sportster hugger that around 11 years ago was taken out to 1200 and the motor blue printed. I bought it November '04. rode it without a problem until I thought I would get it serviced.
On August 17 I had it serviced by a local Harley 'specialist'. £458 $800US.
K&N filter Kevlar friction plates, 5000 service. I was told the gears were not too good but useable. he could do it for £300 as the clutch was allready out. I said leave it as I didnt have the money.
half way home 5 miles the gears decided to give up. I couldnt select just a clunking on the pedal.
picked up by AA rescue and taken back, on Sept 7 I picked up again after handing over £480 $850. strip inspect, one tab washer less tab and a thrust washer missing. while in there he replaced finger roller, shift fork, mainshaft seal and upped final drive sprocket to 23t to help top end.
half way home, pulled away from lights up thru the box,noticed the clutch spinning up (hi revs no movement) then the gear shift lever fell off in 4th. trundled home approx 5 miles probably burnt up the plates.
rang up and he came out to pick up the bike the next day.
Sep 20 new lever, clutch spring, steel clutch plates more oil (parts only trade prices )£50 $88us.
ride home , not happy still seems to slip.
took it back over and left it. picked up Dec 20, took out old spring clutch plate (2 steels riveted with springs) replaced with 1new steel and 1 new kevlar. clutch is now heavy ( as I suspect from a big twin).also replaced a shift pawl £52 $90

New Years day (today) 30 mile trip and 1st gear pull away from lights jumps out. I have to keep my foot on lever to keep engaged! 2nd and 3rd noisy as hell, (couple of bolts in a cement mixer) 4th will knock along happy no complaints at 70mph!!....:crying: :crying:

what do I do? Ive 25+ years of rebuilding bikes behind me but never a Harley. is it about time I started or do I let him have it back to do it properly???? ( for the 5th time)
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Once bitten, twice shy!

Think I'd be doing it myself, but for sure, he wouldn't be working on it again.
I would never use him again. Either get a service manual (HD only) and work on it yourself, if you feel confident enough. There is nothing to it IMO, but only you know your skills. OR take it to another HD mechanic and get it fixed right. There is no need for what you described. If you have any type of recourse, on the current mechanic, to legally get your money back I would pursue it.
thanks for the replies, Im thinking along that line.
does anyone know where I can get an exploded gearbox diagram or microfiche web site for reference as my Clymer is a bit tatty and not very clear on layout.
Im going to see the guy who repaired? it and see what he wants to do tomorrow. Funny how it was working ok before he serviced it and checked it then replaced the thrust washer and it hasnt been right since.
anyone know of a recall or reason why a thrust washer would be taken out?

as I said before it had been blueprinted so errors taken out , is running Andrews V4 cams and Barnett Kevlar clutch.
Its a shame you don't live closer. I know of a very good "Indy" mechanic that used to work for the local stealership and branched out on his own. Once it gets warmer, I am taking my Fatboy to him to have him go over all of my first service items that I did myself. Like the others said, get a HD manual and have a crack at it yourself. What is the worst that could happen? It not work :) :beer4u:
well , its apart.
both 2nd and 3rd gears have broken teeth. with thrust washers and a few other bits (cam detent follower?) Ive a quote for £350 OEM (pattern) or £550 Andrews.
with a compromise on labour!!

anyone know of a cheaper supplier or a good second hand or blown motor:yikes:
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