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(hp x 5252) / rpm = :)
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....other cams besides the S & S 570G. This is not a thread on what cam to use and with what exhaust etc but rather a perception of S & S cams.

Case in point here:

Search here for Andrews 37G and see what comes up.

Search here for S & S 570G and see what comes up.


Google search for Andrews 37G and see what comes up.

Google search for S & S 570G and see what comes up.

One would think that there are plenty of S & S 570G cam users out there that are happy but they seem to be either "happy and the product speaks for itself" or there are just that many more other folks out there that don't care for that particular product.

I can easily find many dyno charts using the 37G but very few on the 570G as an example....

Again, perception. Is price the reason? Is quality the reason?

%[email protected] perhaps but not my intent here.....thoughts?

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Alot fewer people go with hi-lift cams than drop ins. 570 lift requires quite a bit more engine work and since it is pretty easy to get close without the extra $$ into the valve train and clearancing the cam chest and rocker boxes, and roller rockers, valve geometry.... just not alot of people going that route. I've never heard anything bad about em, just not that many peeps using em...
People who DO want to go that far, have LOTS of cams to choose from = substantially fewer people and lots more choices. Now for the "mild" builds that EVERYONE is doing, there are not so many choices so alot more people choosing from a much smaller list...

It's just a numbers game..........

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Here is a pretty nice sheet with 570's and a mild build. They are definitely going to come in a little later than some of the other popular grinds but tend to have good area under the curve and are EXTREMELY easy on the valve train.

Revolution 98cid Bolt-On Big Bore Kit - 10.5:1CR
Mild Street Port
Bored Throttle Body
S&S 570G Cams
Cycle Shack Exhaust
Twintec TCFI Module
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