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Security System

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On the way home today noticed that the security indicator was iluminated and that my right turn signal was non functional. At home checked all the turn signal bulbs and noticed the right rear bulb was not lit. Checked the bulb and seemed ok, changed it out anyway and no luck. On power up the security indicator goes out but comes back on wiht 6 blinks indicated on left indicator, still no right turn signal or right rear light but front left turn is lit. Any ideas?
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The 6 flashes means it picked up a code.
It usually flashes codes in 4 way mode, since it only flashes to the left, the right rear not coming on is likely the problem.
The outputs for each side are common from the TSSM. Trace the wiring including ground to the right rear turn signal bulb for an open. Might want to check for TS power for that bulb at the connector under the rear seat and take it from there. The circuit out from the TSSM is hot as proven by the right front coming on, it just doesn't have enough load to flash.
Hippo, following your advice led me in the right direction. After checking circuits at the rear of the bike I decided to check the connector at the TSSM and found that the dealer had not adequately bedded the connector into the self locking pins. A loose connection proved to be the culprit. Thanks for your assistance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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