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SE Stage One Kits 29489-99C and 29441-99A

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I'd like to know the difference between the Screamin' Eagle Stage One Kit 29489-99C and the Screamin' Eagle Stage One Kit 29441-99A. The both products look identical to me. But obviously there is a difference. My ride is 2001 H-D RKC FLHRCI EFI (Magneti Marelli).

Thank you very much in advance for any input.
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I think the 29441 has the oiled K&N filter and is listed for race applications
The 29489 has a SE paper element and is still considered street legal.
Just my guess from reading the info in the Catalog. Note the 29441 is no longer listed in the USA "06 catalog. If you can get the 29441, get it.
Hope this helps.
Ride safe
Thanks a lot. Also, I think that the difference could be that the 29441-99A does not include the ECM recalibration software, but I am not quite sure, and that is why I ask for help.
The ECM recalibaration is $149.95 US in addition to the $139.95 for the filter.
Both filters used to be the same price.
Total cost $289.90 US.
Even though I live in the remote country of Bosnia, there are so many positive Harley-Davidson issues: EVERYTHING is street legal here ! Still.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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