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SE slip-ons

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:confused: Hey every one, I'm new to the Harley scene, just got my 02 1200 sporty custom, I bought the mufflers, jet kit & air cleaner kit, all S.E. parts, I installed the pipes already , but was told to leave the other stuff alone until i get it broke in, Any input? Thanks Larry
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Hey Larry!

I've heard this before also, but fail to understand how this could have any adverse effects during break-in.

Grab your service manual and get those new goodies installed!

I've heard this too, but not from anyone who should be "in-the-know". I just took delivery on a 2002 FXSTD. The stealer didn't have any problem with installing a breather kit and Cycle Shack slip-ons for me. Considering they are the keepers of the warranty.....
Definetly talk to your dealer. Ask them about the warranty if you install them yourself versus paying them to do it. Get it in writing(cover your arse).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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