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Set of pipes I got recently off forum for my '06 FLH. I gave $175 plus shipping, would like to get $150 plus shipping for them.

They are model #64926-99, offroad only versions back before EPA crackdown I guess. They are LOUD. Had machine shop at work make me some adjustable baffle plates that I put in to try and quiet them down some. It did take the edge off them, but for my taste they are still a little to loud for my likes. I ended up going with a set of Rush 1.75" they are much more to my loudness taste..

The chrome is very nice on them. some pitting on what is the backside of the pipes on the tire side of the pipe.

If you want you could take out the baffle plate I had made, its held in by a 1/4" bolt through the bottom of the pipe, would leave a 1/4" hole wouldn't really even be noticeable.

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