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SE II Touring mufflers?

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I just got my 2003 Road King Classic and I would like to remove the fiberglass from the baffles from the SE II touring pipes. Does anyone know if this can be done, and if so will this affect the proformance of my bike. I have the SE chip for fuel injection already and the SE air filter. I am just a little disappointed in the sound. I would like just a little more deeper sound. Thanks.
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You want a deeper sound????

SE muffs are made by Kerker... There is a fair amount of restriction in those muffs, which you NEED for the system to work correctly... Granted, the Delphi system is far mor forgiving than the M/M.... Did you listen to them before you had them installed??? They do get a bit deeper as you put some miles on them... Or you can switch to Sampsons..... They have a nice bark, but if you live in Jo Schmuckatelli Suburbia, your neighbors or Tennant associationb will probably pitch a B(Itch about the noise... The Stage I that you have is already set up a little bit rich... You might want to listen to some other muffs before you decide.... myself, I'd stick with the SE's and bake the packing out of them by putting on some serious miles..... That's the fun in it anyways, right?????

thanks for the reply...it was very helpful. I almost put on the samson on my bike. Someone else did say that they would get deeper with some miles but on them. I can handle that part. Later.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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