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SE 110 drop in kit - cylinders reapir possibilities

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Hi guys,
Got a customer with Electra 2016, water cooled heads, 110 SE drop in kit installed. Owner reported some engine noise and dismantled top end. Cylinders badly damaged inside, water pitting, deep corrosion marks. Bike was flooded, that's no question.
My question is can I bore them out and hone for any repair size? Or just by new set? The spigots are very thin 0.04". Mahle pistons were installed.
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The 110>117 drop ons are .028 a side.
I have honed them. But this was just minor scuffing. If it is going to take more than +.0015 to clean them I pass.
New pistons are needed at this point, Mahles work terrible with added clearance.
Hone to clean and measure then decide, a new barrel may be cheaper and safer than messing around.
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