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It could be the "3/4" cam listed at the 1/2 price from the original grinder?
Perhaps they are full price now with their popularity?
I know the first few years they were up and dwn depending on sales, vendors etc.
Shadow Dynamics made many of these under various pseudo names.
The lift was the high Compromiser with just the right to narrow to width overlap margins.
Suited for the beginner, and enthusiasts, for the full the canyon runs,' early Saturday mornings with no one else around he could be quite the road pirate? (all to his own)
The variable nodular bump stick geometry was quite the breakthrough!
When mated to the twin-cam, and now the M8, the correlator mated well with the metrics involved to get the most at the lowest possible involved valve height with the leaner actuator at full tilt.
I would say buy it and buy it now!
You guys probably know some more of the Tech features than i do, so feel free to add lib them in here!
But this is the gist of it ?
Power on, and don't forget to set your lash just over center!
(this helps with the nuances of the articulating resonance.)
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