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Screaming Eagle Big Bore EFI Stage I Kit

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Have just ordered a new 2002 Ultra Classic and am trying to decide whether to have the Stage I kit installed before delivery. Am looking for pros and cons to having the kit installed now, or riding a couple of months and making a decision then.

Also what is the going average price for the kit and installation. I have heard about $1400.

Thanks, Grapeman
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If you are going to have the dealer do it, the only advantage I can see with waiting is that you may decide that you are happy with the bike as is. If your mind is made up might as well go for it.

Your dealer may be reluctant, but it is much better to match bore your cylinders to the particular set of pistons then just buy the replacement cylinders. Cheaper too. Make sure you go with the flat top pistons. Make sure they use the -A SE intake kit, as opposed to the old version.
If you do it the dealers way, make sure you take the old parts with you. A set of almost new pistons and cylinders is worth maybe a couple hundred bucks, and they like to keep them, but they are yours.
One pro is if you have it done before taking delievery, you only have to break it in once.
Dealer Will Discount Stage I Kit and Labor also as said before you will only have to break it in once. Another point is the Dealer if it not done right you know before your 1 year warrenty is out :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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