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screamin eagle II or cycle shack?

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I brought my bike home new a year and a half ago with dealer installed SE II's and have been somewhat happy with the sound. Didn't sound like my buddies Big Dog, but good enough I thought. Then I put Cycle Shacks on the wifes 883 sporty and really liked the sound for the cost. I just got done doing a 1200 upgrade on her bike and fired it up last Sunday and the Cycle Shacks sound even better.

I know the SE 1's were made by Cycle Shack, but I think the SE II's are from some other vendor. I'd love to compare my SE II's with a set of Cycle Shacks - anyone ever hear them side by side?
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I had the SE II's slip ons put on when I picked up my new 01 FXD last March and they stayed on for about 2 months. I was never really happy with the sound and size, so I went with a pair of Cycle Shack pipes and could not believe the difference in sound and looks. I have a friend that just put them on his Softail Standard and he loves them also. My opinion is they are better!
Hey Flyboy, I never had a chance to hear the H.D. slipons. I put the cycle shacks on and have been veeeery happy ever since. You gonna make it to the blessing of the bikes in New London on sunday at Ocean Beach? It will probably be chilly but I can grin and bare it! Good to see someone else from the area. Which dealership did you get your bike from?
Sheepboy in the casino capital of the world!
Another Cycle Shacker

I have Cycle Shack slip-ons on my FLSTFI. Luckily, I was able to listen to two similar FatBoys, one with SEII and the other with Cycle Shack. I preferred the diamater of the SEII, but the CS sound was more what I was looking for. No problems. Inexpensive enough to change later if i decide otherwise.

Thanks for the info guys. I think I'm gonna look see what I can get a set of cycle shacks on the internet for today.

Hey Sheepboy, Ocean Beach this Sunday? If it gets in the 50's maybe. I told the wife yesterday that she needed to rack up some miles to get her new 1200 broken in, so she put on all her leathers and went for a ride last night. It was 44 degrees when she came back and she was frozen solid.

I got my bike at East Hampton Harley in Mass because they sell at MSRP. Good people but too far to go for service. That's ok because I do most of it myself now. What I can't believe is what I paid the dealer to do stage 1 (pipes, air, jetkit) before I picked it up. I did it to the wifes sporty myself for a fraction of the cost.
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