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Screamin Eagle Air Intake

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I will soon have a 2006 EG Ultra Classic. Does the new Screamin Eagle Intake kit have a K&N filter in it or is it still the blue paper filter? What is the correct Part # for the kit with the K&N filter (if there is one)? Thanks.
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SE filter

To the best of my knowledge, the SE kit uses a K&N filter. Mine does.

You might want to look at the Ness catalog for the Big Sucka. I've heard that it provides a cleaner look.
No K&N in the SE kit.

HD still has a paper element but it is black now instead of blue, revision "C" on the filter. I went with the Screamin Eagle kit on my 06 RG. If I had to do it again, get the SE chrome backing plate and hardware, and K&N new filter for our bike is P/N HD-0800. The SE kit uses your stock cover. The cheapest I found is www.foxperformance.com
The Screamin' Eagle air cleaners are now coming with a paper element. They are "rumored" to be falling apart and getting sucked into your motor. The Arlen Ness Big Sucker comes with a K & N filter and is affordably priced. It uses your existing A/C cover. Make sure you get the chromed version. I didn't know you had a choice and I ended up getting a painted grey version, it clashes with my jugs. Oh well, it still works great. They work on carbs and EFI motors.
Arlen Ness uses a "price point" knock off of the K&N. The jury is still out on the newest version (black gasket) of SE filter.
I put a green filter on my Road King. A little pricey, but looks like it is made well...just like a K&N, but green oil instead of red. It doesn't fit inside the "football" air cleaner cover perfectly, so I just shimmed mine out with a couple of washers.

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