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I got just got back from the Long Beach show myself too, and I agree.
The best bike out there was mine. I looked at a lot of "stuff" and even bought a doo-dad, but nothing more.

I signed up for the HD demo rides and took a RoadGlide for a spin. I've been thinking about the RoadGlides for a while, and even considered converting my EG front to an RG. The RG was nice and nimble. Sitting in traffic I'd forgotten the heat the stockers throw out near the right leg. It handled well at slow speeds. I did some full lock turns and lock to lock figure 8s in the parking lot and the bike was real easy to steer. I guess the floor boards were at the lowest setting because I kept scraping them on the lock to lock circles. One of the demo guys didn't like that and made me park it, so needless to say I didn't get a chance to challenge the brakes either. I tried to ride a V-Rod, but all the slots were taken today.

So I swung a leg over my bike and smiled all the way home. I'm keeping mine for a long time. It's about where I want it. All that's left to do is a 6-speed and then I'm finished.
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