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I am thinking about changing my stock mufflers on my 2002 FLHRCI to Samson's Rolled Thunder mufflers. I would like to have deeper and louder sound, but if this is going to cause problems I just assume to leave it as is. I was told just as long as I did not change the air cleaner it would not affect the running of the bike. Did not know if this was so, or the guy was filling me full "BS" to sell the mufflers. Thanks for any info.

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Stock harleys have somewhat restricted air intake and exhaust. Modifications that allow the engine to breath better (that is, a high flow air intake and freer flowing pipes) will get you an additional 10 HP.
If your bike is fuel injected, the dealer needs to reflash the electronic control module.

If you use HD parts, there is a Screaming Eagle Stage I kit and when you buy it, they include the cost + labor of the reflash.

So the upside is more HP and a better sounding bike, the downside is that some bikes experience varying degrees of "popping" on deceleration. As I understand it, there can be negative pressure created in the right side pipe (which pulls fuel from the cylinders) and draws in fresh air on the left side. The popping is ignition of this air/fuel mixture in you exhaust system.

If it ain't bad (my RK does it a little, but it doesn't bother me, I think it sounds cool) then you have no worries, if its real bad, you may also need to include a PowerCommander III. This will allow you to alter the fuel profile.


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