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Sampson mufflers

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So, I have this buddy of mine that just put on Sampson true duals headers and mufflers. (they are noise obnoxious) His comment was that he wished that he got the Thunder headers 'cause they were quieter. Does anyone have a solution (quieter) to his problem?
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I use the Rolled Thunder Ovals from Samson, and they are not obnoxious, a good mellow sound that barks when you lean into it.
I have a couple of riding buddies with drag pipes, and I get lost in the racket, if that gives any indication of how loud the Samsons are (or aren't).
If the mufflers have removable baffles, you can pull them out, pack’em and put them back in. Also, if he got a choice in baffle sizes, the smaller the quieter – at least no worse than Thunder Headers.
I have a buddy that swears by his sampson exhaust. i think it sounds great too! better than mine...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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