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This issue relates to Chrome rear Sprocket hex bolts. If anyone out there has had this issue please let me know.

Yesterday as I was cruising along I heard a bad sound. pulled over
and discovered 4 of the 5 chrome bolts broke on the rear sprocket.

This could have been really bad! I was not on the expressway.

The bolts I have were the Chrome Hardware Kit for Rear Belt
Sprocket - Hex Head #94773-00A. I have the stock sprocket on the
Chromed Deuce 17" wheel.

I called HD and they have created an incident and asked for detail
from the dealer on other bikes with the same issue. The dealer said
they have had several bikes in recently with the same issue

The wheel is trashed from the sprocket moving inside of the hub.
This is going to be pricey- I guess it could have been worse.

Please make sure you check your rear sprocket bolts, especially if
they are on the Chrome Deuce Wheel and sprocket.

If anyone else out there the same issue- please let me know
as I need additonal ammo for HD.

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