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Saddleman/Harley seats

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I was reading the threads of the HD seats vs. Saddleman, vs. Mustang etc. I was interested in both the HD with backrests or the Saddleman due to the gel seats. From what I read, it appears the HD seat is uncomfortable and pushes you forward, and the Saddleman pushes you forward. I'm 6' 4" and don't need to go forward anymore. Is this factual about being moved forward? I need the back support as well as a softer ride, i.e. take the jarring out.

I have a '01 Sportster XLH 883
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I've heard some say the gel is not worth having, but can't quote a source at the moment... I considered it, but, after reading the comments, decided not to pursue it. I am sure you will get others that feel contrary.

Check out the Corbin seat... has a backrest and mine is extremely comfortable... click my link and then the seat tab for more info. The Corbin is also noted for pushing you back, so that may be of interest. My sister put one on her Sporty and loves it. The backrest angle is a little too far back for her, but she is only 5'2".

Anyway... good luck.
I appreciate the comments. I sat on a Suzuki 1500 with a gel solo and that didn't impress me much. I thought it would be softer but maybe it has to form to ones rear. It is so confusing with the selection. If money was no object it wouldn't hurt to get it wrong the first time, but I get one shot at this for now:)

I'll check out the Corbins, and by the way, NICE ride you have!
I've ridden a Corbin on my brother's Dyna. Good looking seat and comfortable. I am leaning toward a Mustang on my Dyna though. I've heard nothing but good things about the Mustang seats. Good luck.

I had looked at the Corbin dual touring for the bike, but had read posts saying the Corbin's are hard as a rock. Mustang sure seems to be the seat of choice for sure. Lots of nice seats out there, LePera, Saddleman, Russell etc. But Mustang seems to have the majority of the followers, so that says something.
Check out www.harleyseats.com . They use millennium foam. I have a solo with a passenger pillion with the millennium foam on my 04 Softail Standard. I can ride all day without it bothering by butt, where with the stock seat I could bearly do 50-75 miles. Try doing search on "harley seats" or "millennium foam". There has been some posts on the subject. Good Luck........
Nice lead in page:yikes: Does the foam pack down? They have some comfortable looking seats for sure, thanks.
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