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Saddlebag supports

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I just installed a set of Drag Specialties saddlebag supports on my '02 FXDL.
Even though the set I got is supposed to be for Dyna models through '02, they did not fit exactly. The turn signal housing is threaded for a coarse threaded bolt, but the new hollow mounting stud for the saddlebag supports is fine thread (the independent shop I bought the supports from tapped the housings for fine thread for me at no charge).
The wires for the turn signals have to be cut, re-routed, then spliced. I had to disassemble the turn signals, run the wires through the new hollow mounting studs, then re-assemble everything. I used a drop or 2 of blue loctite when I screwed the new studs into the turn signal housings to make sure there will be no problems down the line.
The supports look pretty good, and feel solid. I was disappointed that I had to cut and splice wires on my new bike, and that I had to have the turn signal housings tapped for different threads (if I ever remove the supports, I think I'll have to have the housings tapped again for the stock mounting bolts?).
I'll be mounting the saddlebags next, so we'll see how that goes...
Just thought y'all would like to know.
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