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I went through the same issue. I was not crazy about leather or similar style bags on a Sport, and I also wanted versatility. The throwover types will damage the paint unless you take precautions against that. Plus I am not sure how the are secured, I would think you would need a mount to keep them from flapping around at speed. The downside is if you want to run without them, you have those big bars on the side of the bike, not to mention fitment problems on the Sport. The Leatherlyke site says their bags will fit a Sport, some at sportster.org have used them and like them. However, I do not want a permanent mounted bag, so the route I took was detachable sideplates/low uprights/sport rack, with the touring luggage system from H-D. See page 678 of the '03 parts and accessories catalog. Cost effective, and I can run with or without in a snap that way. I do not need a lot of storage room MOST of the time, so that seemed the best choice for me. Very versatile system. Another option is page 100 of the catalog, a throw-over style, but I do not like that look (something tells me you wouldn't like that look either), plus you got them bars on there when you run without. If you need the storage room and will use the bags a lot, the Leatherlykes are a good choice, I am puzzled as to why thay can't tell you they will work, unless the product has changed and they haven't updated the web site...
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