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S&S vs H-D

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Trying to figure out the value of using S&S heads and gear drive cams vs H-D big bore kit in a 2003 Road Glide. Looking for power between 2000-4000 rpms. I hear a lot of great things about S&S, but dyno numbers I've seen can be matched with Harley big bore kit, mild cams, air cleaner and exhaust. What gives? Am I missing something?

I will use Screamin Eagle A/C and either Supertrapp or White Bros E-pipe. Will also use Harley EFI tuner.

What cams have you guys used with sucess? Looking at Andrews TW 26 with gear drive.

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S&S mostly makes good stuff, but heads, cams and gear drives and big bore are all different things.

Not much point in using large port heads with little trainer cams.

I have a 00 Dyna and was looking into a big bore kit. I looked at SE, didn't impress me, looked at the S&S 100" sidewinder, I like it but as I looked into it more and spoke to others this is what I am doing. I am going with a Zipper 107" kit, Going the whole route, heads custome ground cam and all the other support items. This kit is capable of 150hp and well over 150lbs tq but am going to keep it at about the 120hp/tq to keep the bike reliable.
Don't forget these are just my choices but one thing I would do if I was you. Talk to the shop or shops you plan on having the work done at and see what kits or manufactures they have worked with. You don' want to just say you want an S&S kit and have them use you bike to learn on how to set it up. Go with where their experance is, you will be happier in the longrun.
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