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S&S super E & thunderjet kits

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I'm running a 93 FXDL with an S&S super E carb and have been told that a thunderjet kit would make the bike go a lot better do you fine people think that it would be of use also how easy are they to fit as I would prefer not to screw up my carb if I can help it.
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Who works on your bike
if you do i think you can do it not much to it take you time.

Actually it's a little more complicated than drilling two holes in the carb and bowl.

You'll need drill press, bits, and taps to make it work. It comes with instructions, but doing it with a hand drill and no clamping mechanism will be difficult.

I would find an Indy shop that sells and installs them. Take the carb off and take it in with the Thunderjet and it usually can be done the same day. It will take about 2 hours to install, you have to drill out the air bleed and put in a air bleed jet, and some mods to the body of the carb must be made for proper function.

Also they make a significant difference on the S&S carbs, you'd wonder why S&S doesn't do this on all Super carbs. It really helps from mid to top end by adding fuel.
But my buddy with a Makita cordless

Hotroadking is right about getting an Indy shop to install the Thunderjet for you. In my experience, the H-D dealership knows what they are doing with factory stockers and some knowledge about the factory add-ons marketed as Screaming Eagle in various stages BUT leave the aftermarket stuff to the Indy shops. If you buy the Thunderjet from them, it's easier to get them to tune it right whereas the dealer may not want to tweak aftermarket parts or even worse, try it at your expense. Now how much per hour did they quote?

Even better if they have a dyno and can tweak the timing at the same time. It is hard to gauge baseline when adding new parts especially when the change involves tuning. It's not like trying different halogen bulbs to see which is the brightest.

On my bike, the Thunderjet on a Super G made a difference in top gear rollons. I can idle down to 1500 rpm in highway traffic and then roll on the throttle with a smooth pull to redline without the hesitation. I have a buddy with an almost identical bike without the Thunderjet so it makes comparisons a bit more realistic than to a stocker or with an EFI bike.

I hope I didn't sound like I was knocking the dealership if you are partial to their service but I have found out at several dealerships that their sale staff sell the SE stages like the burger joint sells combos. Start mixing and matching stuff while Supersizing and you might have a large cup of ice with the same amount of soda.
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From what I understand you only need the thunder jet for high rpms.
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