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Rush slip-ons vs. Fatcat 2-1

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Had the Fatcat on my 95" FXDI, but it is just too loud climbing the Rockies all day, causing headaches. (hey, I'm in my mid 50's now, cut me a little slack). Decided to try the Rush mufflers w/stock headers since they have 3 interchangeable baffle sizes. Went with the 2" baffle. These are without a doubt the best sounding slip-ons I have ever heard. They are still loud, but the tone is much better than the 2-1,and a deep rumble that is truely Harley motor music. As for the power aspects, the Fatcat was 95 hp and 99 torque. For the Rush mufflers and stock headers on the same dyno, 88 hp and STILL 99 torque with an almost identicle torque curve. For those of you searching for slip-ons with that "deep Harley rumble", it's the Rush jobs. These puppies sound great with very good torque. Did I mention how good they sound?
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52Norm said:
Any idea wht the 7Hp drop?
I'd say restriction.
I'm not a mechanic, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Seems it would have to be the difference between the stock headers capability and the Fatcat. The 2-1s are supposed to make more HP anyway. I wanted the SERT guy to get as much torque as he could, looks like he did so that could be a factor. The loss was all at the top anyway, so I won't miss it that much. Need the grunt to get around the flatlanders and touristas gawking at the drop offs. unfortunately the dyno #s are sea level so the real power ain't squat.
I agree with the "rumble"...... I just picked up a new Road King Classic. While milling around at the dealer, a guy fired up his RK and everyone just shut up and looked. We flagged him down on his way out and asked about the pipes. They were the Rush slip-ons. Heard another one on Sunday. Chased him down and asked if he had the Rush slip-ons. Yep.

Just ordered a set with the 2 1/2" baffles and a Power Commander. Gonna add the SE air cleaner kit. They had this exact map on PC's web site. Wish me luck.
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