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Years back when I was ridin' through the Ozarks of Missouri on a nice Sept. afternoon I saw this car coming towards me in the opposite lane and when it got close it "flashed" its lights at me signalling that John law was up ahead. Sure enough a few miles down the road I looked in my mirror to see flashing blue lights on my arse. So I pull over to the side of the road and out of the car steps this big African American Stater . He sinches up his pants and spits down on the ground and walks towards me.
Im thinking that hes thinking, "Hell got me one of those bad ass bikers here".
He came up and said to me "Son the reason I pulled you over was because I thought I saw something hanging off your motorcycle ". I looked the bike over and there wasn't anything hanging off of it and I told him I didn't see anything.
He then said well, "I thought I saw someone on the back without a helmet". Well it was quite obvious that there was only me on the bike .
When I discredited both his claims he finally said , "Son I just pulled you over to pull you over, now let me see your license and registration".
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